Lage Raho Munnabhai Movie Free Download Utorrent [Updated-2022]

The film, which tells the story of four friends living in Mumbai, who are all involved in extramarital affairs, is Hirani's directorial debut. The film features Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Rishi Kapoor in leading roles, with Aishwarya Rai also acting as the lead female. Rishi Kapoor plays the role of a lallu, a song-and-dance teacher in the film. The film was released worldwide on 22 August 2006. It is the third highest-grossing Indian film of 2006, with a worldwide total gross of US$408 million. Synopsis The film begins with a group of four friends, Ajay, Ajaykumar, Ajay Saxena and Ajay Pandey, having a birthday party at their flat. The house is a mess and the party is in a serious state, although they all try to appear to be in good spirits. Ajay sings, 'Tumko na kar samaaj me, dard lagaa jaate hain, bahut ho, phir sada mila'. The song is a remake of the famous Dilip Kumar movie Ghar Wapsi, which was made in Hindi as Main Hoon Na (1963). All the friends enjoy the song. Ajay's father asks him if he would like to become a lawyer. He tries to convince his father to let him be a house painter like his father, and that his brother should become a caterer instead of a chartered accountant. Ajay's father is adamant about it. In the morning, Ajay and his friends leave for a birthday party at an apartment, to which they're not invited. They stay at an empty flat, where they eventually take off their clothes and enjoy a party. After a while, they begin to feel a bit tired, but they don't stop the party, and a few days later, a few of them find out that the flat's owner has left Mumbai. Ajay and his friends decide to leave for the party as well. Ajay and his friends arrive at the party late, and the host invites them to sleep there that night. In the morning, they find out that the owner of the flat has sent a telegram, asking them to return the keys as he has moved. In the telegram, he states that their guests will get all the money from the birthday party and are welcome

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